Meet your Photographer

Now what?

Before you decide which route you want to go here… set aside an hour or two with the love of your life to discuss what you both want your day to look like. Sometimes we assume we know what the other is thinking and just begin to plan away… but this step is so important. Grab a notepad, a drink, and write it all out.
”Yeah, but where do we start??”
The most important question to begin your planning journey is “Are we planning our day based on what we want? Or are we planning it based on what our family/ friends want in an effort to not disappoint?”
ADVICE: Please, if you can, be selfish here. Do you want to be surrounded by family and friends to celebrate the day? Or would you rather head to a cute Airbnb in the woods and create a day for just the two of you? Decide with your whole heart on this one. What will you be happiest with when you look back at your photos?

Am I your girl?

First things first…

You aren’t just booking a random human you met on the internet… I mean you kind of are, but at the same time, you are booking a humble and experienced photographer… who will dedicate herself to helping document your day as it unfolds with nothing but the best of intentions.

And trust me, I understand…

Wedding planning can be overwhelming…expensive… and downright stressful at times. BUT… I would like to invite myself into all of your doubts, questions, and hesitations. I’ve been a part of so many incredible experiences and have so much insight into all of them. I’m an open book and am happy to share experiences, opinions, and ideas.

also, please don’t forget…

The two of you are about to create your forever legacy. Your stories are all that you will have left at the end of it all. Time will go on… memories will fade… but you can smile at each other at the end of it all knowing your story will live on through the imagery you’ve invested in. I beg you… even if you don’t end up choosing me as your photographer… to please find someone who can document your story in a way that it deserves… because you, my sweet beautiful friend, are deserving of everlasting memories.