Forest & Melissa // Seal Rock, OR. // Oregon Coast Elopement Photographer

There was a certain calm about this day. The weather had been so up and down the weeks leading up to this elopement, and Melissa and Forest literally landed on one of the most beautiful days of the Fall season. A light breeze, perfect temperature, and the sunset…. oh the sunset. I genuinely feel so lucky with all the couples I get to work with and these two were no exception. They were surrounded by so much love from their family and friends, and one of my most favorite moments was when Forest read to the kids during the ceremony. They both started crying, and when young kids cry out of pure overwhelming joy, there is truly nothing better than that…. and of course I’m hiding behind my camera crying too. A few days after the wedding, Melissa had messaged me with the most kindhearted words, and there I was in the middle of Safeway trying to hold back tears as I read it on my phone. I love what I do, the people I meet, and the moments I get to be a part of.