Ashley & Chris // San Diego, Ca.

Chris & Ashley // San Diego, CA. 

I hadn’t talked with Ashley in about 9 years. She was the maid of honor in my wedding, and moved to San Diego right after my wedding. Time goes by, you lose touch. So when I saw she was expecting, I thought why not make a surprise visit. So I messaged Chris with idea and he was all about it. I booked a ticket to California, and made my way to the baby shower… I was SO nervous. So much so that I forgot to photograph Ashley’s reaction when I walked through the door. Her jaw dropped, and we hugged, and it was a new favorite memory of mine. Of course before showing up I booked  a local San Diego make up artist, Shelby McElroy, and surprised Ashley with a maternity session. I told her I found this beautiful place online with an amazing colorful checkered ground that I wanted to venture to. Little did I know that it was in Balboa Park, the place where they eloped. Talk about meant to be. It was a short and sweet trip, but one I won’t ever forget.