The Kraus Family // McMinnville, Oregon Photographer

The original plan on this SUMMER day? The Oregon Coast….but then the weather was like “nah, I feel like rain and wind today” so we threw a hail mary and met in McMinnville instead…. and it was the best thing ever! No wind, earth tones for days, sunshine, and the damn finest dressed fam you ever did see. I’ll forever feel grateful for Dionne being a part of my life, she’s a fellow photographer and her work is innnncredible (check her out over at Dionne Kraus Photography ), but more then that, I know if I called her at 2am she wouldn’t only answer the phone, she would meet me for coffee (yes, coffee at 2 am is acceptable… don’t judge me). Also, being asked to photograph another photographer is the best compliment ever, and I’m so happy this day worked out for us!