Madison & Kelsi // BFF Senior Session // Oregon Coast Senior Photographer

I can’t even believe it… my sweet little Madison who I use to watch at daycare years back is graduating!! And she’s as beautiful as ever! She messaged me asking about a best friend session and I was all about it. Madi and Kelsi were the perfect duo of fun, and we spent the entire day together running around, laughing, chatting, using the “find your iphone” feature to trace our steps back to my phone that I left on the curb in an earlier location, and ending the day with cheeseburgers and tater tots. I also walked away feeling extremely old, as Madison taught me how to “chatsnap”. I’m that parent on the commercial…the one who needs help from the young person as to how to use these crazy apps. I remember my small nokia phone from when I was 19, and I was excited to have the “snake” game. I still haven’t quite figured out that app, but I know I can always ask my 6 year old son if I need help…

HMU: Sarah Bradshaw

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