Joy & Eric // Nogales, Arizona Wedding Photographer

I’d explain the friendship I have with Joy as serendipitous and sincere. We actually met when she attended my wedding over 10 years ago…. but it was the “add friend” on Facebook and our constant banter about our love for bacon that kept us connected. It’s so crazy to me how life works. If it wasn’t for meeting her 10 years ago for 5 minutes… if it wasn’t for social media keeping us connected… I probably wouldn’t have been invited to the most fanfuckingtastic destination wedding ever. Seriously. I can’t even describe in words how unique this adventure was.
Imagine driving to the border of Mexico (after flying in to Phoenix of course) and literally turning right at the Wall of Mexico (which is the most ridiculous piece of garbage. We are all human. One race. There are good people and bad people…period. #Buildbridgesnotwalls….that’s not politics…that ethics, morals, and integrity). Anyways, back to the directions…. turn right at the wall and follow the gravel road… then you’ll see it… the hidden compound tucked beneath flowy trees, full of so much history… Samuel, the owner of the venue, is a collector of antiques…. the most beautiful and unique pieces of art that you will ever see….ever….and yet, he was so humble about it all.
Eric and Joy built such beautiful friendships with so many people, and the love from their family overwhelmed me with tears behind the camera (but I mean, what’s new? “Oh look….Shannon’s crying… AGAIN).
I could literally talk for days about my experience, but I’ll shut up and share their wedding through photos instead…