Shelby and Tyler // Cozy in- home maternity Session // Oregon Coast Photographer

Where do I even begin… Shelby owns my 2nd home in Lincoln City (Salt Coffee Shop). I can’t function correctly if I don’t start with my signature iced espresso from her place. And if you know this cafe, then you know that the style of decor is one of a kind. When I walked into their home for the first time, it was as if the cafe was bleeding into their walls. My jaw dropped. The art pieces that were hanging, the lights, the kitchen, the decor… all of it. And those furry pups running up to sniff me out and make sure I was full of hugs and kisses (which I assure you, I dropped to my knees and scratched them for a solid 5 minutes before snapping photos). What I most loved though, was the affection Tyler shows Shelby and the way they are together. Just smooshy ooshy perfect and that little baby will be so loved that I can’t even handle it…



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