Christina // Maternity Session // Oregon Coast Photographer


Another gorgeous winter day on the coast! I had a handful of dresses to dress Christina’s baby bump with and they all fit her perfect! We started early with hair and make up   (because Sarah Bradshaw is the bomb-dot-com)  and then headed to the forest in a gown of golden sequins. From there we ventured to Pacific City where we ate (because duh, food is life) and then headed out to Cape Kiwanda’s insanely gorgeous, one of a kind landscape. Afterwards, we swung by Neskowin where the tide was just right, and then to a field full of ELK. I kid you not. They were right there and it felt so surreal to be so close. I mean, they may as well be a herd of unicorn. Our final stop included a red dress and an Oregon coast sunset (and Christina walking barefoot in the bay in the middle of winter). I loved everything about our time together, and most of all, Christina is one of the most kindhearted and caring humans you will ever meet.  

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