Jordan + Carlee // Surprise Proposal // Oregon Coast Wedding Photographer

Jordan had messaged me asking about a surprise engagement he wanted to make happen while he and his girlfriend visited from Colorado. They had never been here, so it was up to me to scout out the perfect location. The tides have been crazy high this past month, so I knew a rocky bluff would be our best bet. Luckily, Oregon is amazing and rocky landscapes  are around every corner. I arrived early to the planned location, and waited…anxiously. I am usually a solid ball of nerves when I book these sessions, so when I saw their car pull up, I knew I had  quit it with nervousness  and make it happen.
The rain held back, the ocean was incredibly blue, and there were zero people at the park… talk about a perfect situation.
I pretended to be a tourist, walking around snapping photos of the cliffs, and kept my distance. As soon as he got down on one knee, all of my anxiety melted away. She was so happy, he was so happy, and I was SO RELIEVED! They were also incredibly kind. I love the people I get to meet and the moments I get to sit back and watch…
Oh…and it was a huge YES from Carlee!