Chad + Cornelia // Peninsula Park Micro Wedding

As the years pass, and I continue getting to do what I love, every wedding becomes that much more special. In the beginning, it was like “oh my gosh, I’m not good enough, how silly of me to even think I can do this for a living…” and now fast forward 5 years later of not giving up and of pushing past those thoughts that have almost caused me to give up so many times….and here I am…meeting people like Chad and Cornelia… walking around Portland, Oregon all fancy… and documenting the genuine love they have for each other. Cornelia is witty and sarcastic, and Chad adores her for all that she is. They have the forever kinda love… the work through the tough stuff kinda love… the best friend to have and to hold as long as they both shall live kinda love. Cheers to this day, and cheers to not giving up on the things we love most.

Ceremony Venue // Peninsula Park, Portland, Oregon

HMU // Blossom and Beauty

Dress // Blue Sky Bridal

Suit // Bonobos

Flowers //
Solabee Flowers

Reception Venue & Catering // The Nightwood Society