Rachael // Class of 2018 // Oregon Coast Senior Session

Rachael is just the sweetest, most humble high school senior and I loved every moment with her (and her awesome mom who came along and pretty much turned in to my assistant…Love you Jen!). Once we finished hair and makeup with Sarah Bradshaw at The Lash room, it was time for the fun to begin. Flower fields, a beautiful creek, and the beach would become our backdrops.  Every session starts with about 5 minutes of nervousness where you’re like “Why did I sign up for this?” But when Rachael get’s nervous, she smiles and giggles….which, helllloooo… what a perfect reaction for my camera! I mean geez, when I get nervous, my chest turns bright splotchy red and my brain goes mooshy, I start to sweat and just want to lie down and take a 10-hour nap. So basically, Rachael wins when it comes to nervousness. She also wins when it comes to smiling because holy cannoli her smile is made of sunshine.   
One of the bajillion things I love about seniors is asking them what they want to do when they get out of high school. Sometimes I get a shoulder shrug, other times I get definite answers such as Rachael wanting to eventually become a music teacher. She had this amazing idea of bringing music pages to her session to incorporate into some shots. They were soaked in tea and then dried, so they smelled like magical goodness. 
So basically, Rachael is amazing, and I loved every moment of our time together!