Courtney // Rustic Maternity Session // Oregon Maternity Photographer

This maternity session was all sorts of gorgeous. Sequins, Ferns, Waterfalls….I mean if that’s not a win-win situation I don’t know what is. We started out at Silver Creek Falls, and when we saw that one of the main falls that’s usually flowing with an overabundant amount of fresh water was dried up, we took advantage and made our way below. Courtney was in her standard sequin hiking dress, and I was in my $10 American Eagle sandals since I forgot my sneakers at home… so I guess you could say we were super prepared to be walking trails all day. Towards the end of our time together, the rain clouds started to roll in but we chanced it anyway and made our way down to a pretty little dam… where Courtney totally got stung by a huge bee. She handled it like a champ… I would have freaked out, lost my footing, and fell into the frigid water below. All in all, it was a total success and I loved every bit of it.

HMU // Sarah Bradshaw at Bella Dame