The end of a decade // Oregon Coast Wedding Photographer

Not really sure how to begin this post… I suck at writing… but I do want to say that I am forever grateful to the people who have invited me in to their story. It’s a big deal to have someone who you’ve never met reach out and to be asked to document one of the best days of their life. I get to meet new family and friends who have been nothing but kind at every wedding, I’ve cried a lot of happy tears behind the camera, and I’ve become really good at 2 am editing sessions. There are plenty of things I can improve on, both personally and business wise, so I am hoping that 2020 continues to push me in that direction. Thank you so much to EVERYONE who has supported me and cheered me on…. without you I don’t know what’d I’d be up to!
All my love,
xoxo- Shannon